Special Heatsinks

Behind this term there are almost infinite possibilities for very individual cooling solutions in a very compact design. Thus, the pictures only how a few examples.

Special heat sinks often offer ideal cooling solutions in the smallest of spaces

We realize pin heat sinks in the basic forms: Square, rectangular and round. There are several hundred variants in these shapes. Technically, almost all circumferences and heights are feasible. Due to the particularly high purity of aluminium, the used alloy AL 99.5 has the best thermal conductivity properties. The cross-ventilation if these heat sinks can be further increased by adding fans. All designs can also be machined in various ways.

High-fin profiles are another variant, which can also be cross-milled for the best air flow and thus optimal thermal results. On the basis of the extrusion-press alloys, all conceivable surfaces are possible.

Of course, special heat sinks can also be produced on the basis of cnc-processed materials. All common aluminium and copper alloys as well as a wide range of surface finishes are available for this purpose.

Please send us your requirements and we will offer you the ideal solution for your needs!


Standardized processes for individual cooling solutions

We build individual cooling solutions with precision and perfection using state-of-the-art production methods, at highly competitive prices.

With more than 20 years’ experience in cooling technology and a large number of successful projects, we are trusted by companies worldwide like GE Energy, Siemens, Otis, Oerlikon and Pentair for outstanding reliability, razor-sharp precision, and high quality.

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